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On Episode 62 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Non sits down with author and all-around smartypants and lovely human, Evelyn Skye! Evelyn wrote a book, The Crown's Game, which is great and you should all go read it pronto. Evelyn also has a ton of fascinating things to say about creativity, determinedly following our passions, a writer's origin story, balancing the wild abandon of the artist with the necessary structure of a disciplined writer, and that time she was offered a job by the CIA.

If you love reading, writing, and just being super inspired creatively, we think you'll adore this book!

Thank you to Evelyn, and to you for listening!

And as always, embrace your joy!




Evelyn will be at Pasadena Loves YA book festival on September 17 from 12-4pm! As will we (or at least Non will be)! You should come meet Evelyn and other amazing authors! The event is totally FREE and you can RSVP on Facebook here.



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Oh, to be curious! On Episode 61 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non welcome Captain Curious himself, Jeff Wagg of the College of Curiosity, onto the show to discuss the Joy of Curiosity! Jeff is a truly fascinating human with gargantuan levels of knowledge about all the things. He's a deeply curious person doing some pretty wonderful things in the world—spreading the joy of curiosity, creative learning, and exploration!

In addition to discussing the joy of curiosity, we talk about the witches of The Salem Witch Trials, why it's important for us to ask questions, Jeff's incredible background (one of the first AOL employees + being one of The Amazing Randi's speed dial numbers!), skepticism, paranormal hunters, the dangers of curiosity, and the "pale blue dot!"


Thanks so much for listening, joy mongers!

And as always, embrace your joy!



Jeff is filled with joy finding characters on Pokemon Go adventures!

Non finds joy in recent trips to the beach for surfing with Josh (even after watching The Shallows)!

Jessica also found joy in spending a refreshing time at the beach!



College of Curiosity

James Randi Educational Foundation

Skeptoid Podcast

Letting Go of God by Julia Sweeney

Get Curious: How Curiosity Replaced Revelation 

Quirkology by Richard Wiseman

City Museum in St. Louis, MO

Pantophobia Podcast

Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction's State of the Union

An Honest Liar

Drive by Daniel Pink

"It's not just the cat: curiosity kills our happiness" by Jean Hannah Edelstein



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On Episode 60 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non are back together again for an hour of silliness! That's right, we're talking about the Joy of Silliness today!

We discuss why silliness brings us joy, specific ways we love to be silly (dancing to Footloose, making up songs, not giving a care in the world what other people think of us, being present!), and much more. Don't miss out on our silly Disney song singing at the end of the episode too!

And as always, embrace your joy!



The amazing sci-fi/horror/adventure Netflix show, Stranger Things

Variety interview with Stranger Things creators, the Duffer Brothers

The "West Wing meets The Good Wife meets Men in Black" show, BrainDead



Non's sweet, hip-thrusty dance moves

Silliness leads to more creativity



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On Episode 59 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Non invites the lovely Dwight Hurst, host of The Broken Brain Podcast, onto the show to talk about Joy & Tragedy. Both Dwight and Non delve deep in conversation about how we can reconcile those two things, both joy and tragedy.

Tragic things happen around us all of the time, whether it's in our own personal world or happening to our fellow humans. How do we reconcile our feelings of wanting to embrace joy while being mindful of the tragic things that are happening to us or around us? We talk about perspective, control, and some specific ways we can help ourselves and each other during these times! 

Thanks again to Dwight for being on the show! And remember, "look for the helpers."

And as always, embrace your joy!




Black Lives Matter and Police Hold a Cookout!

Dwight goes on a soda pop adventure!

Non and Jessica are going to be moving into their own apartment!




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Amygdala Magazine

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On Episode 58 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Non goes on a solo mission through some exciting upcoming guests on the show, recent joys in television, movies, books, and friends, then delves briefly into why Joy Sandwich (and joy) is important to us!

We haven't had the time to do a legitimate recording, so we hope you can glean a sliver of joy in this episode. Lots of great stuff upcoming on the show! Stay tuned!

Thanks so much for listening!

And as always, embrace your joy!



Movies: The Lobster, Sing Street, Parenthood

Books: The Name of the Wind, Hyperbole and a Half, Barnaby the Firefly, The Autumnlands

TV: Preacher, Humans, Marcella



Twitter: @joysandwich


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Hello, readers, writers, book nerds, and joy mongers! On Episode 57 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non are so delighted to welcome Norm and Becky Leonard onto the show! Norm and Becky are lovely humans who have created their own book publishing company, Peachwood Publishing, the "family run craft bookery!" So cool. Plus, they have their first book out, the hilarious and sweet and truly adorable Barnaby the Firefly!

In this episode, we talk about the wonder of words and language, the importance of storytelling and reading to your children, the ins and outs of book publishing and creating your own publishing company (with kids as integral business partners!), parenthood, screenwriting (Norm does dark!) doulas (Becky, you rock!), creative independence, birth stories (Becky has a book coming out in the fall called The Nourished Pregnancy!), and, yes, we even talk extensively about placentas!


Special 10% Off Discount for Joy Sandwich Listeners! + A Book Giveaway Game on Twitter!


Save 10% on your order of Barnaby the Firefly by using the code "joy" at checkout! If you are a parent or you have a parent or soon-to-be parent in your life (or simply like sweet stories), you'll absolutely adore Barnaby the Firefly! Order 3 books and get free shipping!

Order here and use the code "joy" at checkout!


Plus, play a word game with us on Twitter for your chance to win a free copy of Barnaby the Firefly!


Thank you so much to Norm and Becky for being wonderful guests of the show! And thank you, joy mongers, for listening!

And as always, embrace your joy!


Recent Joys

Books: Norm and Becky find joy in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It has "changed their lives!"

T-Shirts: Jessica's finding joy in nerdy t-shirts. We wholeheartedly recommend Out of Print!

Camping/Backpacking: Non is finding joy in planning for an upcoming camping and backpacking trip with his mom! Bears!


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Peachwood Reviews (Charlee reviews stuff!)

The amazing illustrator Ana-Gabriela Stroe

Save 10% on Barnaby the Firefly with code "joy" at checkout!


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Happy listening (and reading)!


On Episode 56 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non welcome astounding comic book artist and creator Benjamin Dewey to the show! We dig into Benjamin's work, specifically The Autumnlands and The Tragedy Series, as well as talk about Benjamin's childhood growing up in a museum with secret passages (like a middle-grade book protagonist!), the profundity of Carl Sagan, the intermingling of tragedy/absurdity and joy, the responsibility of being a creator, balancing satisfaction and happiness, and so much more!

This was a pretty sprawling conversation about art, philosophy, religion, science, and happiness. We loved it! And we thank Benjamin Dewey for guesting!

And as always, embrace your joy!


Recent Joys

Books: Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs by Lisa Randall, The Varieties of Scientific Experience by Carl Sagan, Cosmos by Carl Sagan, Waking Up by Sam Harris

Movies: Contact (dir. Robert Zemeckis)


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Read The Tragedy Series! 

Read The Autumnlands! 

Go visit Benjamin at Rose City Comic Con in Portland!


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Special episode! Bonus episode! Episode overrun with gooey emotion! On Episode 55 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Non gets all mushy and emotional by talking about why People Make Us Better. Because they do, and so do you! Non embraces his own joy by talking about some specific people in his life that have made his life better, introduces a new sponsor to the show, reads a blog post from his website, and wishes a happy wedding anniversary to his wife! It's all very sappy.

Look out for Episode 56 coming later this week (that's right! Two episodes in a week!) with comic book creator and artist Benjamin Dewey!

And as always, embrace your joy!


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On Episode 54 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non say hello to fellow married podcasting couple Andrew and Bernadette from the AB Film Review podcast! For this episode, we jump into movies once again to discuss our Top 3 Movie Couples! There will be sappiness, Tom Hanks, many swears, and unbridled heaps of joy!

Thank you to Andrew and Bernadette for being amazing guests!

Be sure to follow AB Film Review on Twitter @ABFilmReview and at!

You can follow us on Twitter @JoySandwich and subscribe in iTunes (iOS) and Stitcher (Android)!

And as always, embrace your joy!


Show Notes


Movies: The Dressmaker (highly recommended by AB Film Review), Zootopia ("c words!"), Batman V Superman (Bernadette "literally explodes"), Green Room (amazingly intense!), Midnight Special (good movie to rewatch), My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (much better than people are giving credit), The Jungle Book (Andrew, like Mike, hates kids! :D), In the Loop (swear words coming out of your ears), The DUFF (surprisingly enjoyable).


Recent joys: Andrew finds joy in doing AB Film Review for two years! Congrats, you two! Non digs the hell out of the super intense Green Room! Bernadette has a rough day at work and finds joy in a belly laugh caused by the hilarious Arrested Development (when Buster drinks his juice like a lunatic). Jessica talks about her anticipation for seeing Aliens on the big screen and getting her Mondo Ellen Ripley t-shirt!


Stickers: Want a Joy Sandwich sticker? Share a recent joy with us on Twitter @joysandwich and we'll send you one!


Movie Couples: What are some of your favorite movie couples? Share yours with us on Twitter @joysandwich or!

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On Episode 53 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non say hello to the delightful author and illustrator, Ashlyn Anstee! Ashlyn is the author of two children's books, Are We There, Yeti? and, most recently, the punny and warmhearted No, No, Gnome!

We were so happy to speak with Ashlyn about her story growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, moving to Toronto, Ontario where she got a degree in Classical Animation, and then moving to Los Angeles and finding a job in animation. 

She also talks to us about growing up with a creative teacher/librarian for a mom, having loads of books around to read, and the first moment she realized one could actually make a book! We also talk about the amazing community of children's book authors and illustrators, finding a publisher (Simon & Schuster), coming up with ideas for books, balancing illustration and writing, some of our favorite children's books, and more!


Tots, Tweens & Teens Book Festival (May 14, 2016)

Ashlyn Anstee will be attending the Tots, Tweens & Teens Book Festival on May 14 from 12-6pm at Pasadena High School! It's a free event and there will be books for sale through Once Upon a Time bookstore. Show up at 12pm and see Emily Arrow play the No, No, Gnome! song live!

Go see Ashlyn in person at the event! Oh, and we'll be there too!



Episode Show Notes

1. Recent Joys:

- Ashlyn talks about the joy of putting her bookshelf together to display and curate beautiful children's books! Also, she found joy in Jon Favreau's adaptation of The Jungle Book.

- Non's joy is a new job! Hooray! He's very excited and thankful for the opportunity and loves not having to wear pants!

- Jessica finds joy in a recent trip up to the Theater at the Ace Hotel to see James Cameron's Aliens on the big screen. We also came away with some pretty sweet Ellen Ripley shirts from Mondo!


2. Links to Stuff We Discussed:

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

Dan Krall

 - Emily Arrow sings No, No, Gnome (you'll hear a clip of this song at the beginning of the show, and the full song at the end!)

- Leisa Rich

- Emily Arrow sings Are We There, Yeti?

- Zigger Beans by Diane Redfield Massie

- Robert Munsch

- Really Rosie by Carole King

- Harvey Beaks

- Whisper of the Heart


3. Social Media & Web

Ashlyn: @ashlynanstee on Twitter, ashlynanstee on Instagram, Ashlyn Anstee on Facebook,

Joy Sandwich: @joysandwich on Twitter, Joy Sandwich Podcast on Facebook,

Emily Arrow: @helloemilyarrow on Twitter, Emily Arrow on Facbook,

Bridge to Books: @BridgetoBooks on Twitter, BridgetoBooks on Instagram


Thanks so much to Ashlyn for joining us on today's episode of Joy Sandwich!

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