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Hello! On Episode 41 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Non and Jessica invite author and screenwriter Jennifer Niven on the show for her second appearance to discuss her fangirl anticipation of the Supernatural Convention, adopting kittens, the amazing success of All The Bright Places, the pressure and expectations of writing a second YA novel, writing the screenplay for All The Bright Places, her genuine and lovely and passion fandom, and so much more! And, because we love Jennifer Niven so much and think you need to read her books, we're giving away a signed copy of All The Bright Places! Good luck! We love you, and thank you so much for listening!

And as always, embrace your joy!

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On Episode 40 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Non sits down with practically lifelong pal Josh to discuss Long-Term Friendship! People, it gets mushy and self-congratulatory and almost like they are both about to make out, but it's funny and sweet too! But before they delve in, you will be serenaded by an adorable child! Hope you enjoy this sort of nostalgic journey into John and Non's friendship. They certainly did! Thank you so very much for listening to the show. You can follow us online and say hello on Twitter @joysandwich or on Facebook by searching "Joy Sandwich Podcast." Thanks!

And as always, embrace your joy!

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