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Greetings, joy mongers and movie nerds! On Episode 37 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, friend of the show and resident movie geek Justin stops by to chat with us about our 2015 Fall Movie Preview! Folks, we are so excited for this fall's movie lineup! We have red-hued points, leaders of fruit companies, light-stick weaponry! We love being vague so as not to spoil, clearly! Plus, we delve into some of the surprises and duds of the summer movie season! We hope you love it! Thank you so very much for listening! And be sure to follow the show on Twitter @joysandwich and on Facebook at!

And as always, embrace your joy!

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It's another mini-episode! On Episode 036 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica sits solo to regale us with her adventures in imagination, the powers of anxiety, the battles with her brain that seems to want to kill her in illogically absurd and tragic ways, and vengeance-seeking arachnids dead-set on laying eggs in her orifices! The horror! "It's such a fun, hilarious, and excellent bit of writing," says Non, regarding this very episode fondly as he's editing it. We hope you enjoy it too, joy mongers! Let us know what you think on Twitter @joysandwich or on Facebook at! Thanks so much for listening.

And as always, embrace your joy!

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