Joy Sandwich
Episode 021: Surfing

On Episode 21 of Joy Sandwich, Non sits down with semi-regular guest Josh to talk about surfing! Perfect time of year for it, we think! We chat our surfing origin stories, the time Josh was hit in the noggin by a longboard, and the very biggest and scariest waves we've ever surfed! Plus, fascinating surf culture, wacky lingo, and the importance of being encouraged and supported to embrace the things you love in life. Surf or die, dudes! Oh, and happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, friends!

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And, as always, embrace your joy!

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Episode 020: Joyous Holiday Gift Ideas

On Episode 20 of Joy Sandwich, Jessica and Non talk nerdy, joyous holiday gift ideas! No matter what you celebrate or don't celebrate, it's a great time of year to reflect upon the year, and upon those we love. What better way to express our love than with material goods? But, in all seriousness, these are some pretty fantastic gift ideas for the nerd, book lover, comic book geek, invention aficionado, and kindness monger in your life. We hope this list helps inspire your gift giving! Thank you so much for listening, and happy holidays and happy New Year and happy end of the year, friends!

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And, as always, embrace your joy!

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