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On Episode 17 of Joy Sandwich, Jessica and Non are back talking about books! Well, that isn't a surprise if you know the show. They love books! With Banned Books Week coming to an end, they ponder the implications of book censorship, their favorite banned books, hilarious parody titles from scrubbed-clean versions of children's book titles, and so much more! Plus, Jessica invents a Battlestar Galactica sex move, and Non reads Kafka! You can follow the Joy Sandwich podcast on Twitter at @NerdQuestHQ or on Facebook at If you want to chat about banned books, please say hello. Thanks for listening, friends!

And, as always, embrace your joy!

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On Episode 16 of Joy Sandwich, Jessica and Non welcome back their friend Justin to the show! Justin, movie nerd that he is, makes a perfect guest for our topic: Fall Movies! Or, more specifically, our most anticipated 2014 fall movies! We have some big budget fare, some indie picks, perhaps a bit of Oscar bait, and a dark, American-accented Harry Potter! Plus, we yammer on about some favorite television and Netflix picks we've been watching, the reason for the neverending poop train (not Snowpiercer), and a book giveaway! Thank you so very much for listening. We love you like whoa.

And, as always, embrace your joy!

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