Joy Sandwich
Episode 010: Childhood Movies

On Episode 10 of Joy Sandwich, Jessica and Non discuss memorable childhood movies! Movies that you watched over and over and over again, wearing out that old VHS tape or Laser Disc, sharing the joy of watching it with your friends and family and as many people as you can muster. This is what Episode 10 is all about. It's about the joys of those repeat viewings and the little gems from childhood that will forever remain with us, in that impenetrable joy-nerd part of our brain. We'd love to hear your memorable childhood movies! Tweet at the show at @NerdQuestHQ on Twitter or at Facebook at Thanks for listening!

And, as always, embrace your joy!

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Connections! On episode 9 of Joy Sandwich, Non and Jessica step back into the podcast saddle to chat about making connections and the relationships we make with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere! We also delve into the differences between those meaningful connections we make online as compared to those we do offline. Plus, the value of Twitter as a community builder, Non's new diet, our love of Bunheads, and one more hilarious poop story from Jessica and her horse Paladin! Hope you enjoy the show! Follow Jessica on Twitter @ReadSchmead and Non @SubjectPlusVerb. You can follow the Joy Sandwich podcast on Twitter @NerdQuestHQ and on Facebook at Thanks!

And, as always, embrace your joy!

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