Joy Sandwich
Episode 006: Childhood Books

On Episode 6 of Joy Sandwich, Jessica and Non delve into their favorite childhood books! That's not necessarily books for children, but books you read and adored as a child! So, if you are a sicko, Mein Kampf could very well be one of your favorite childhood books. Also on Episode 6, Jessica and Non talk about thunderstorms and the new Hayao Miyazaki movie, the Wind Rises! If you want to share your favorite childhood books, please tweet the show @NerdQuestHQ or visit our Facebook page at Thanks for listening

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On Episode 5 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non discuss their recent birthday outing for Jessica wherein they jumped on trampolines and smashed their heads into holes for massage comfort! They also delve into a review of the super awesome LEGO Movie and finish off the show by chatting about some of their favorite nerdy, geek birthday gift ideas! We hope you enjoy the show! Remember to follow us on Twitter @NerdQuestHQ.

Embrace your joy.

Jessica + Non

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