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Joy Sandwich

Aug 7, 2017

On Episode 83 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we journey into the deep woods for the Joy of Sasquatch with Tony Ramynke! Tony is a giant fan of Sasquatch/Big Foot. So much so that he knows A LOT about the world of Squatchery. 

We chat about when Tony became interested in the Sasquatch, the beauty of the search/unsolved mystery of Bigfoot, the scientific research of Sasquatch, how his love translates to love for classic monster movies, and the fun in being just darn curious! Oh, and you also get to hear Ash's (Tony's daughter) amazing Bigfoot/Squatch call!

Thank you to Tony for being on Joy Sandwich. And thanks to you, listener, for being here!

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And as always, embrace your joy!



Jessica's dinner and a movie (A Ghost Story) with Ash and Franci!

Tony's night out at Pershing Square to see The Wallflowers!

Non's visit with pals Yi Shun and Sprocket!



The Legend of Boggy Creek

Space Cave

Finding Bigfoot

College of Curiosity

Harry and the Hendersons

Patterson-Gimlin film

Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot

Hoopa Project

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

The Apes Among Us



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