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Joy Sandwich

Jul 24, 2017

On Episode 82 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we sit down to jam with podcaster and songwriter Jacob Haller to discuss the Joy of Songwriting! Jacob hails from Rhode Island, where he expresses joy through writing and singing. 

We chat with Jacob about the process of songwriting, finding inspiration to write songs, the joy of blues and folk music, favorite songwriters, and much more!.

Thanks to Jacob for being a guest on the show, and to you for listening! If you haven't left us a joyful rating and review in iTunes, please do. It helps! And we're now on Patreon where you can support the show and get cool stuff in return! 

And as always, embrace your joy!



Jacob spends the fourth of July in a cozy ramshackle house in Vermont watching hummingbirds be "total jerks" to each other!

Kathy Burnette is raising money to open her own bookshop that will focus on bring diverse books to children! The Brain Lair Bookstore! (Thanks to Alethea for sharing the joy!)

Non is overjoyed by the freshness of Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Jessica watched a string of joyful flicks, including Okja, The Big Sick, and Baby Driver!



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The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell

Anne Hutchinson

Rhode Island Songwriters Association

The Death Prattle Podcast

Pass You By by Gillian Welch

Erin McKeown

Chris Monti

Daniel Ouellette

The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds



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