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Joy Sandwich

Apr 7, 2017

On Episode 74 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non say hello again to David Huntsberger to chat about the Joys of Television! We explore all the reasons why television brings us joy, including what tv meant to us as children, what television means to us on a philosophical level, our obsession with technology, how our tv viewing habits can define us as humans, some of our favorite television shows, and so much more joyful stuff!

Thanks to David for being our guest, and thanks to you, dear joy monger, for listening!

Oh, and before we go, Joy Sandwich is on Patreon! You can go there to support the show, and you can get special rewards. Woot!

As always, embrace your joy!



Dave's recent joy is a nostalgic one: Screen-printing "Cool Beer" t-shirts for Professor Blastoff fans!

Jessica's recent joy is Scooby's adorable habit of wanting to walk himself, by putting the leash in his mouth. Proof here.

Non's recent joy is the tasty (and gluten free!) IPA No. 5 from Groundbreaker Brewing!


JOYFUL LINKS (David's website and tour dates!)

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One Mississippi (Dave's on two episodes!)

College of Curiosity (Jeff Wagg's curiosity joy!)

Hidden America with Jonah Ray (Dave's in episodes!)

Professor Blastoff (Dave's previous podcast!)

Groundbreaker Brewing (gluten free beer!) 





Guess what?! Joy Sandwich is now on Patreon! You can support the show, and we'll send you special rewards. Check it out!