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Joy Sandwich

Jan 27, 2017

We're back, joy mongers! On Episode 69 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we talk about what's most fresh on our mind: the JOY OF NEW ZEALAND! We talk the joy of the entire country of New Zealand, and give you some New Zealand travel tips, New Zealand adventures you need to go on, and New Zealand B&Bs you should visit!

We had such a joy while traveling in New Zealand (yes, including Hobbiton!), and wanted to share that joy, in detail, with you!

Thanks so much for listening!



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And as always, embrace your joy!



Manchester by the Sea: The best written film of 2016. So sad, but worth seeing. 

Dungeons and Dragons with Ilan: Ilan is the greatest DM ever! And we love playing with Crystal. Boom. 

Women's March in Los Angeles: So great. If you couldn't make the march, you can still make an impact. Here are 10 things to do over the next 100 days.

Supporting Partners: Having supportive people in our lives is a joy we can often overlook. So say thanks to your support system!

The Fits: A great, underlooked film that "every women should watch." It's streaming for free on Amazon Prime. 



Snell's Beach: Quiet, peaceful beach town with dogs galore!

Dome Valley Hike: Beautiful hike with no death!

Sheep World: Sheep with poops on their cute behinds!

Puhoi River Canoes: Canoeing! Don't get trapped on the embankment!

Taupo, NZ: Neat town with neat river, falls, giant lake, and cider!

Orakei Korako: Geothermal wonderland! Don't fall in!

Wellington, NZ: San Francisco meets tree world!

Booklovers B&B: Books galore! 

WETA Studio Tours: Lord of the Rings! The Hobbit! Morgan!

Hobbiton: Nerd heaven!


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