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Joy Sandwich

Nov 21, 2016

On Episode 68 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non sit down to focus on Love and Compassion, and how that way of thinking (and living!) can bring us all more joy. And most importantly, how it can bring others joy. 

Thank you to Andrew, Dwight, and Kristy for your contributions of love and compassion! You folks make our hearts swell.

And as always, embrace your joy!



Arrival: The deeply human science fiction tale that focuses on how compassion, critical thinking, and open communication can lead us to brighter places. It's an affecting tale that is especially resonant with all the goings-on of the world today. Go see it!

The Glass Castle: Jeannette Walls wrote this memoir about her bonkers childhood. It's sad and inspiring and it's going to be a movie soon from the same guy who did Short-Term 12. Read it!

The Accountant: Some fun moments. Not as effective as John Wick, but still fun. Accountfleck!



Be open.

Be kind.

Communicate clearly.

Have conversations.

Employ critical thinking.

Give your time to organization that support humans that are being affected negatively currently: Muslims, LGBTQ, immigrants, people of color.

Embrace compassion in all.


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