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Joy Sandwich

Jun 10, 2016

On Episode 56 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non welcome astounding comic book artist and creator Benjamin Dewey to the show! We dig into Benjamin's work, specifically The Autumnlands and The Tragedy Series, as well as talk about Benjamin's childhood growing up in a museum with secret passages (like a middle-grade book protagonist!), the profundity of Carl Sagan, the intermingling of tragedy/absurdity and joy, the responsibility of being a creator, balancing satisfaction and happiness, and so much more!

This was a pretty sprawling conversation about art, philosophy, religion, science, and happiness. We loved it! And we thank Benjamin Dewey for guesting!

And as always, embrace your joy!


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Books: Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs by Lisa Randall, The Varieties of Scientific Experience by Carl Sagan, Cosmos by Carl Sagan, Waking Up by Sam Harris

Movies: Contact (dir. Robert Zemeckis)


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