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Joy Sandwich

May 23, 2016

On Episode 54 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Jessica and Non say hello to fellow married podcasting couple Andrew and Bernadette from the AB Film Review podcast! For this episode, we jump into movies once again to discuss our Top 3 Movie Couples! There will be sappiness, Tom Hanks, many swears, and unbridled heaps of joy!

Thank you to Andrew and Bernadette for being amazing guests!

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And as always, embrace your joy!


Show Notes


Movies: The Dressmaker (highly recommended by AB Film Review), Zootopia ("c words!"), Batman V Superman (Bernadette "literally explodes"), Green Room (amazingly intense!), Midnight Special (good movie to rewatch), My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (much better than people are giving credit), The Jungle Book (Andrew, like Mike, hates kids! :D), In the Loop (swear words coming out of your ears), The DUFF (surprisingly enjoyable).


Recent joys: Andrew finds joy in doing AB Film Review for two years! Congrats, you two! Non digs the hell out of the super intense Green Room! Bernadette has a rough day at work and finds joy in a belly laugh caused by the hilarious Arrested Development (when Buster drinks his juice like a lunatic). Jessica talks about her anticipation for seeing Aliens on the big screen and getting her Mondo Ellen Ripley t-shirt!


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