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Joy Sandwich

Apr 11, 2016

On Episode 51 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, we invite Jairo of the True Bromance Film Podcast into the virtual bedroom to discuss food and film in the most joyous way with the Top 3 Characters We'd Love to Share a Meal With! From movies, books, and television!

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Show Notes:

DRINKS: Adopting the tradition of Jairo and Barry of the True Bromance Film Podcast, we have drinks! Jairo is drinking a Bud Light Watermelon-Rita, Jessica is drinking Coke with Kraken rum, and Non talks bowel movements and drinks Glutenberg!

RECENT JOYS: Jairo is overjoyed by the Episode 100 Addendum created by listener Kevin of CinemaGeeks, and True Bromance Film Podcast reaches 100 episodes! Plus, special congrats to pal Mike Denniston of War Machine vs. War Horse for your Mental Floss mention!

Jessica is finding joy in mindfulness, which helps her calm her anxiety and stress. Example: paying attention to the transitions in life. You should try it!

Non's joys are potential future exciting joys (purposefully vague!) and the audiobook of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Lots of sex!


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