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Joy Sandwich

Jan 18, 2016

On Episode 45 of the Joy Sandwich podcast, Non and Jessica think back on 2015 and discuss some of their most joyful memories! From their favorite television shows and books to their most memorable trips! Don't miss out on their Top 5 Movies of 2015 lists too!

Show Notes:

  • The Revenant mini-review: "way too many sky shots"
  • Spider-Woman by Dennis Hopeless: "amazing"
  • The Deadly Class by Rick Remender: "Reagan era hitkids"
  • Favorite things: comics, books, tv, Top 5 movies, camping, trips!
  • Your Favorite things: We have your clips! Thanks to Mindy (@HolaMindy), John (@JohnJackSlick), Vern (@VideoVangaurd), and JD (@RealJDDuran) for sending in your 2015 joys! You guys are the best!

Thanks so much for listening!

And as always, embrace your joy!

- Jessica and Non