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Joy Sandwich

Jul 16, 2015

On Episode 32 of Joy Sandwich, Jessica and Non sit down with dear pal, English teacher, and published author Raymond Obstfeld to discuss one of their most favorite topics: comic books! More specifically, they discuss which comic books they'd recommend to newbies, Raymond's comic book journey, the importance of storytelling, unreliable narrators in reality television, and the new Mycroft Holmes comic book Raymond is writing (with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!) due out Summer 2016! Which comic books got you started? We'd love to know! Let us know on Twitter @JoySandwich or Facebook at!

P.S. Apologies for the echo-y sound on the first part of the episode! First recording outside of the "studio" (aka bed, pillow den, laundry nook, etc.) and we weren't prepared! Anywhoozles, thank you so much for listening!

And as always, embrace your joy!