Joy Sandwich

Throw on your creepy costumes and grab a fist-full of candy corn, Episode 18 of Joy Sandwich is all about HALLOWEEN tales and costume ideas and fun, silly--some could be described as cruel--ways to freak the crap out of your children! Plus, we talk about two new movies we watched, The Boxtrolls and In a World, Jessica invents a charming new word, and Non has the memory of a newt or a goldfish or some other tiny-brained creature! Do you have a fun Halloween Story? What are you dressing up as this year? We'd love to hear your stories and costume ideas! Please tweet us at @NerdQuestHQ or you can find us on Facebook at! Jessica is on Twitter at @ReadSchmead and you can tweet with Non at @SubjectPlusVerb! Thanks so very much for listening, friends!

And, as always, embrace your joy!

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